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MP3 Converter - It's Powerful!
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"The novice computer user might be tempted into thinking that music is just that, music. He might be thinking something along the lines “hey, I just click this button here and music starts to play.” What the novice computer user is not aware of is that there are a lot file formats that are linked to music. Not to mention the fact that videos can also be linked to music. And yes, there are a whole bunch of video file formats out there as well."

Music is not all mp3s. But it could be if you used the right piece of software to convert a file from a specific format to mp3 format. This is where a specialized piece of software developed by Hihisoft comes in - MP3 Converter.

Weighing in at just little over 3MB, this piece of software does just what the name suggests – it converts any file format to mp3 format. Know that 3GP file from your mobile phone? You can easily turn its video2mp3. Or that AVI video with that song you love so much on it? You can easily turn it onto an mp3 file, stick the mp3 on your mp3 player and listen to it on the go.

YoutubeGet - 
"is very easy to use
and the customer's effort is minimum"

YouTube... you can't live with it and you can't live without it. More and more companies ban this website during work hours just to get the max out of their employees. Truth be told, YouTube is crawling with all sort of content, from funny short movies to precious information about games or God knows what new groundbreaking technology soon to be released to the public.

The only downside of the website is that it does not allow its users to download videos. But, since to each problem there is at least one solution, software developers have found a way to dodge this and to provide users with the means of getting all YouTube content to their hard drives. YouTubeGet is only one of the solutions currently on the market.

As all YouTube downloading tools available on the Internet, YotubeGet is extremely easy to use and to configure. However, there is a price you have to pay for all the fun and joy of watching YouTube movies from your hard drive: $29.95. You are entitled to test the application, but there are some limitations you may not like.

The interface is nice and very user friendly. It could not get any simpler than that and any user, regardless of his/her computer skills, should be able to handle it with absolutely no problems. All the options are available in main application window, which kind of makes the menu bar obsolete once you have bought the software. After the interface has loaded you are displayed the steps to be taken for downloading the YouTube video. There is nothing to it, really.

A float bar will always stay on your desktop and all you need to do is drag the video right there (it is called Drop Zone). New Download window will pop up in almost a second, supplying all the options for the file to be deposited on your disk.

Unlike many products whose purpose is to let you download YouTube movies, YotubeGet comes with adjacent features that permit running the short movie on Pocket PCs, on PSPs, iPods or mobile phone(auto convert FLV to AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4 and 3GP). The application is perfectly capable of converting the movie file into a file supported by all these portable devices.

wow, this software does what it says on the tin. what is perfection! thanks video2mp3
      - Lee

Very useful program, especially for video to MP3. Now it's so much easier to get music from videos!
      - Zerk Amon

Mp3 converter is a Nice program! I like it!
      - Dean

Unfortunately, in the unregistered version of the product you are not allowed to change any of the settings for video conversion. Video/audio bitrate, screen size and frame rate are locked and defaults will have to do. The last step before proceeding to downloading the file is defining the storage location.

Converter window is very much like download window. The only difference is that instead of providing a web link for download you have to supply the location of the file you want to convert to a different format. This feature works in both Vista and XP with the same rate of success.

Settings area of the software is also extremely easy to handle. You get to configure the actions that should be taken after download task is complete: open storing folder or not. Also, you can set the app to monitor the clipboard for YouTube links. With this feature enabled you no longer have to paste the link in the appropriate window as the software will do this for you.

The application is not large and users should not have a hard time handling it. Both Download and Converter windows are very much alike and during our testing we successfully downloaded all YouTube videos we could grab. YotubeGet downloaded and converted all of them with no problem. However, if you decide to give the unregistered version a test be aware of the fact that you cannot download more than 4 items.

YotubeGet is very easy to use and the customer's effort is minimum when it comes to handling the interface. Besides downloading video files from the Internet, the application can also convert them to a series of video formats supported by various portable devices.

Drop Zone makes it easy for you to start downloading the items. A simple drag and drop will do just fine.

Conversions are executed fast and not much quality is lost (but I suggest going with the default settings for best results).

The Truth

YotubeGet got all the videos we fed it, no questions asked. The price may seem a little high and the limitations of the trial version may not be sufficient for properly testing the application, but it is definitely worth your attention.  Video2mp3 has had great feedback regarding this one!

YouTube Music Downloader

"the simplest way to download
thousands of music videos from YouTube"
(Reviewed by 3D2F)

Being the world's largest video repository, YouTube has millions of music videos that you can watch absolutely for free. However, the key word here is "watch" - YouTube does not allow you to download any of its content, so you are limited to your browser and computer and can't take all of this music with you. Fortunately, almost everything in the computer world has a workaround - and YouTube videos are not an exception. If you've been looking for a way to download videos from YouTube and convert video2MP3 that can be played on your MP3 player or phone, all you need is YouTube Music Downloader!

YouTube Music Downloader is an affordable, fast and easy to use tool that enables you to grab and convert any YouTube video into MP3, AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4 or mobile 3GP format and enjoy it on the go!

The program takes seconds to download and has a simple interface that won't confuse even the most inexperienced user. You can add YouTube flicks to the download list, sort downloads by categories, browse and search your converted music collection, as well as configure the program's conversion settings. The speed of conversion will depend only on the output format you selected and the speed of your computer.

If you need an inexpensive, fast and extremely easy to use YouTube grabber and converter -
YouTube Music Downloader should be your #1 choice!

Apart from being able to convert any file to an mp3, MP3 Converter can also help you edit your mp3 (existing ones, or files you just now converted to an mp3). You can for example change the bit rate or you can change the audio channels (stereo or mono).

MP3 Converter easily converts any type of file into an mp3. It does so swiftly and easily.
Download  MP3 Converter NowDownload  MP3 Converter Now!

You can turn a wide range of file formats from video2mp3 because  MP3 Converter provides support for pretty much every file format you can think of. Just to put things in perspective, here are the supported formats: AVI, WMV, MOV, 3GP, MP4, FLV, RM, RMVB, VOB, DAT, MPEG, WAV, WMA, ASF, RA and all VCD & DVD.
MP3 Converter comes with a batch convert mode, which means that you can select multiple files, drag and drop them onto the DropZone, and they will all be converted.
Converts video2mp3 easily
Easy to use
Provides support for a wide range of file formats


Demo version is limited (50% conversion limit)
Testimonials to Video2mp3

Youtube get has been exactly what I've been looking for! thanks video2mp3
      - Trish

So simple to use and a small price to pay to forget having to wait for those slow servers on the free conversion sites. Already saved a bunch of time! I Recommend Youtubeget.

The drop zone makes this so easy to use.  My music collection is now growing faster than ever! thanks guys! 4 stars from me.

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Its True! I used this software for nearly an hour and didn’t even open Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer once!

An advantage of Vdownloader, I was able to surf the internet like I regularly do and was downloading videos and converting them to any format I could dream of simultaneously. All this was happening in just one single piece of software which made my user experience very simple.  So far I am a big fan!

VDownloader is an extremely simple to use application with 5 buttons on its left side bar that are enough to control your computer as well as your complete surfing habits. The small size of the setup file (6.62 MB on my system) makes it easy to download and less CPU hungry. The application can be made to run in the background so that your favorite videos are downloaded regularly while you are busy handling other useful tasks of yours. One might not believe this but the simple looking features of VDownloader make this application the complete video downloading engine that video junkies die for.
Design - take a close look at the screenshot below and try to find something complex in this application... You won't!

So, were you actually able to find anything overly complex in your first glance? Hell no! The reason is simple. Complexity and VDownloader are two totally opposite words that have no relationship whatsoever between themselves. VDownloader has been designed keeping in mind the average Internet user who is not aware (and not even interested) in anything fancy while he/she is busy searching for some of the best videos.

The Activity Button is where the basic feature of the application lies.
All that you have to do is enter the Video URL and opt for the output format in which you want your downloaded video to be saved. The application has various forms of output formats available that will make life a lot easier for an average video downloader. From windows media player compatibility to iPad compatibility, VDowloader handles everything without any downsides.
One can set default output formats by changing the settings of the application so that all videos are download in that particular format by default. Setting timers, default folders to save downloaded videos, surfing your downloaded history, surfing through your disk to look for more videos, searching videos from the Internet and surfing the web for your own personal use are some of the few features that VDownloader boasts about.

Features - The tiny VDownloader has plenty of features which (at times) contradict its size but (somehow) are unbelievably true. As you can always surf through all the features of VDownloader on its website henceforth, we will concentrate on some of the attractive features that make this simple looking application extraordinary.

VDownloader supports more than 10 languages thus making it extremely easy to use for people from around the planet. Nobody has been spared from YouTube mania. Not even a single country. With the spur of YouTube people have constantly tried to download different videos from YouTube for their collection and also to avoid bandwidth problems. This software can be used by users in any part of the world, from English to Chinese, VDownloader can understand literally anything.

Here comes one of the best features of VDownloader - scheduler! You can edit software settings so that the application downloads videos only during weekends, weekdays or during some predefined hours thus making your downloading habits highly controllable. Decide the time when your Internet bandwidth is least used and set VDownloader to complete the downloads during that time period. Now, you won’t have to face slow Internet problems due to parallel downloads and you won’t even have to worry about starting/stopping downloads when your Internet is free. VDownloader does the honors for you.

To add on to the above scheduler feature one can go ahead and start batch downloads (check File Menu) during those free hours so as to utilize your Internet bandwidth to the max. After all you are paying for it so why not squeeze out every last drop from the bandwidth that you receive?

Lets face the reality! No Internet based downloader is complete without the search based feature. The folks behind VDownloader are also pretty much aware of the above fact hence they have come up with their own kind of search feature. You search for what you want to download and Vdownloader will search for the same keywords in four different websites at the same time. Later on it will be your choice if you want to watch the video online or rather download it for your collection. The websites that VDownloader search supports are YouTube, Google, Yahoo! Video and DailyMotion (literally enough to quench your thirst for videos!)

Lastly, the side feature of VDownloader that makes it the perfect package. Using the web feature of VDownloader you can surf literally any website and download videos from that website provided that the particular page has some video that can be downloaded.
All in all, Vdownloader is the perfect package for those who are looking for a free video downloader with basic features and something extra for those who are looking for a video downloader which is different from its counterparts. It is worth a try due to its small size and CPU cycle saving capabilities. No reasons why one should not try VDownloader at least once.
VDownloader - This is a must have. Period. 5 stars!
"I absolutely love Vdownloader! My biggest problem with it is I didnt find it sooner!" - Jaqulyn.
"The scheduler is what won me over with this one.  I can download in my ISP's offpeak period! Great!" - David S.
"I can convert all my old files already saved to disk. Fantastic!"
"This supports so many more sites than my old converter. I can now grab those videos Ive been after for ages! Thanks Vdownloader! - Simon
"The upgrade price for the "Plus" features was more than reasonable. Great software." Jarrod